The Importance of Partnering with the right Brokerage!

Posted by Ivan Lovos on Aug 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM
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Choosing an aggregator/sub-aggregator/broker group to partner with is an important decision. What suits some brokers may not suit others. You should make your own enquiries to make sure your requirements will be met.

The business models and offering differs significantly between operations. Below are some of the things to think about before making a decision that could make a huge difference to you earning potential.

Fees & Charges

This is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. It’s always good to keep fees and charges to a minimum and they should feel like an investment not an expense. You need to feel confident that you are getting value and you understand how it will help you provide great service to your clients.

At Ausloans Finance Group we are proud of providing:

  • Market Leading, Cloud based tools
  • Large Panel of lenders
  • Vehicle procurement
  • Digital marketing support

Commissions & Payments

Every Broker out in the marketplace is looking for the highest possible percentage, all the tools in the market and want to pay as little as possible for it. Be realistic!

We have a competitive commission structure, but we also require Brokers to strive and push themselves to be better. If you are looking to be a stay at home Broker – go somewhere else!

We want the best; we want people that are accountable, driven and are looking to grow their business. In return, Ausloans Finance Group will provide you with every opportunity to make the most out of every lead and opportunity. We provide you with access to Australia’s Largest Lender Panel and FinTech technologies to help you capture, manage and grow your sales pipeline.

Licencing & Compliance

It’s important that you review all the clauses within any agreement with careful consideration. You must consider all your obligations and understand what compliance checks are in place in order to minimise risk to you and your business. What’s the point of having a weak/easy compliance check process when it could cost you dearly down the track? It just doesn’t make sense to cut corners in the financial environment we are working in nowadays.

At Ausloans Finance Group we have a thorough and robust licencing and compliance process. We will help you take control of all your deals with our system and procedures in a professional and efficient manner.

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How We Work For You


Genius platform is a secure, online SAAS platform that is designed to improve compliance, better track success and performance, and most importantly sell more finance and insurance.


We have worked hard to build a brand that clients know they can trust, and provide them with a range of competitive solutions whatever their situation. With our lead generation service you are always supported.


With Ausloans extensive procurement network, Franchise Partners benefit from a service that provides even greater value to your clients.


Ausloans understands starting a business can be challenging, that’s why we provide as little, or as much support you need when you begin a partnership with us.

IT &

Designed to streamline the process and eliminate piles of paperwork, it removes the lengthy lender approval process by providing immediate results to applications so you and your clients aren’t waiting on an outcome.

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