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Generate more leads and fiance inquiries with dealer chatbots

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The Dealer Studio chatbot can assist customers on your dealership referrers website with everything from loan pre-approval and trade-in values to personalized financing options and specials. By providing instant answers to their financial questions, you can keep them engaged and make the car-buying experience more efficient for them.

Try our finance chatbot today and see how it can take your dealership's customer service to the next level. 

Cost: $100 per month sell to dealers  | Earn 20% recurring commissions,
HowPaid: monthly RCTI

Benefits for Dealerships

The Dealer Studio chatbot can help car dealerships improve lead generation and increase sales while elevating customer service and efficiency. 

Earn recurring monthly commissions selling dealership chatbots !

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How it works

The Dealer Studio chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through text or voice interactions. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to understand and respond to user inputs. 

The chatbot can be integrated with various platforms such as your website, messaging app and more to provide a seamless conversational experience to the user. 


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Register to sell dealer Studio products with Ausloans  Simply check the Dealer Studio and Draler Chtbot boxes on the marketplace order form.   

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Once registered we will email you the contact information of your Dealer Studio sales expert.


Attend the product webinar

Empower yourself with the product knowledge to sell. Attend the product webinar to learn how Dealer Studio solves dealership pain points,

Refer you Dealer Studio Leads

Simply forward your interested dealership's contact information to the Dealer Studio team and they will do the rest.  

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