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Let us find you the perfect finance solution

We work for you. Not the banks 

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Personal one on one consultancy

We listen to you and find you the perfect finance solution for your specific circumstances.
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+40 Lenders

With one of the largest lending panel in Australia, it is easy to find you a loan that suits your financial needs. 
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Fast Approvals 

With our Automated Finance Software Zink, we match you with a lender and pre-qualify you in only minutes. 

Great Low Rates 

Our massive lending panel allows us to find you a loan at the most competitive rates in the market.  

Melbourne North
Asset Finance Services

Let us find you the perfect finance solution 


Apply for a new or used car loan and get fast loan approval for that car, Ute or 4WD of your dreams.


Office, technology,  industrial, construction, equipment finance, and more. Low rates equipment loans.


Looking for finance to grow your business or start a new business venture? Fast approval business loans.


Treat yourself with our fast online approval leisure loans. Marine finance, jet ski, boat, trailer, caravan, RV, motorbike, you choose. 


Secured and unsecured low rates personal loans for; holidays, furniture, surgery, weddings, legal fees, dentist, and more.

Fast & Easy Car Loans 

car loan is when you borrow an amount of money from a financial institution to buy a motor vehicle such as a car, Ute, 4WD, or other.  A car loan is the cheaper option when it comes to interest payments.  

Types of car loans:

  • Business car loan vs personal car loan:
    Business Car Loans: Buying a car as a sole operator or as a company to add to your fleet. This is where a business car loan can help. You will have fixed monthly payments over an agreed period and take ownership of the vehicle. All payments are made at the end of the loan term.

    - Personal car loan: A personal car loan is when you borrow an amount of money, from a financial institution and repay the debt over an agreed timeframe with equal instalments. In general, a personal car loan is a cheaper option when it comes to interest payments.

  • Secured car loan VS unsecured car loan:
    - Unsecured car loans: The lender requires no security for the debt. The loan is still subject to your ability to repay it. The interest rates on unsecured loans are higher on average than secured loans, which offsets the increased risk of losing money for the lender. 

    - Secured car loans: Use an asset to secure the loan, such as a car. This asset is then used as a kind of security against the loan.  If you are unable to repay the secure loan at any time, the lender may be able to use your security asset to recuperate the difference.  

  • Leasing a car: Under this agreement, you use the car while the lender retains ownership. At the end of the term, you have the option to buy the car or trade it in for a newer model. Please talk with us for more information about leasing a car in Australia.

  • Novated Leasing: This is perfect for businesses who want to provide a car for their employees. A novated lease is an agreement with you and your employer. The lease is paid by your employer and deducted from your pre-tax salary as part of a salary package. 

  • Chattel Mortgage: A Chattel mortgage is like a secured car loan for assets purchased for business use. The lender takes a ‘mortgage’ over the car as security for the loan. Once the repayments are completed at the end of the repayment term, you’ll own the vehicle outright. 

  • Hire Purchase: A hire purchase car loan is a way to finance buying a new or used car. You are normally required to pay a deposit and pay off the car's value in monthly instalments, with the loan secured against the car. At the end of the agreed term, and all payments are made, the car becomes yours—a good option for business. 

  • Bad Credit Loans: Bad credit loans are for applicants with poor or bad credit due to defaults or not paid loans on time. As bad credit applicants' file also shows previous loan applications that other lenders have rejected, bad credit applicants are seen by lenders as high-risk, facing more obstacles when applying for a loan. However, you may be approved for a bad credit loan if your current circumstances are good. 

  • Low Doc Loans: If you are a business owner or self-employed, the loan requirements needed may be difficult to obtain, or you may not feel comfortable sharing your financial documents with the bank. Generally, requirements for a car loan in Australia include a Driver's License (if you have one), income, expenses, liabilities, etc. With a low doc car loan, you may not need to provide all of these since some specialised lenders will use other methods to determine your income or financial capability.

Low Rates Equipment Loans 

What is equipment finance?

Equipment finance is a type of loan that enable businesses to buy new equipment or update capital assets. Purchase an asset for your business and pay it back over a set term.

  • Heavy equipment finance: Heavy equipment finance includes assets like equipment for kitchens, construction-related machinery, work-related vehicles
  • Farm equipment: We can finance any farm equipment required for your needs. 

Easy Business & Commercial Loans

Looking for finance to grow your business or start a new business venture?

Apply now for a business and commercial loan and manage your cashflow, purchase stock or inventory or borrow for any purpose including property and asset purchase, business growth, refinance and debt consolidation. 

Fast & Easy Leisure Loans 

Thinking to buy a large ticket leisure item? Dreaming with that motorbike, caravan, trailer or RV to take your family or go with your friends to a relaxing getaway? Can't wait to get a boat, yacht or jet ski to enjoy the Australian beach lifestyle?

Whether you are looking to buy a new or used item, we offer the most comprehensive range of best marine finance and leisure loans, so you not only get approved in minutes, but you also get the best rates. 

Fast Approval Personal Loans 

A personal loan is a loan taken for personal reasons such as; holidays, furniture or other household items, elective surgery, weddings, vehicles, etc. Personal loans can be also taken to be paid off money.

Types of personal loans: 

  • Secured: The personal loan is secured against an asset you own.
  • Unsecured: The lender relies solely on your income flow to repay it. 

Ausloans Finance Melbourne North
How it works

Need finance? Follow our 4 steps process to apply online and get an answer in minutes. 



It takes only a few minutes to make an online application. No lengthy questions.

Upload documents 

Easily upload documents directly from your phone. 


Receive finance pre-qualification in only minutes. 

Get matched with a lender

Zink matches you with the best lender based on your specific circumstances.

Customer Stories 

We are proud of helping Australians make their dreams come true 

“Thank you, Andrew. Couldn't have done it without your help. Incredible broker skills. Haven't seen anyone like you 😀  Can't thank you enough.”


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“Thank you guys. My car loan was approved so fast and easy it was hard to believe. I will recommend you to all my friends and family :) Can't thank enough!”


“Thanks for being such a legend with the whole thing and getting such a good interest rate for Lisa, we are both super stoked! So much, so that I was telling my best mate about it. He is actually in the process of getting a new car himself and hasn't got the finance sorted just yet. So I passed on your information to him.”


Meet The Team

Meet our team of Ausloans Melbourne North Finance Brokers

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Andrew George

Let Andrew find you the best finance deal 


Our team - franchise
Peter Joseph

Let Peter find you the best finance deal 


Kaiz Headshot
Kaiz Verma
Finance Specialist

Let Kaiz  find you the best finance deal 


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Jarrad Rose
Finance Specialist

Let Jarrad   find you the best finance deal 


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Antonia Debono
Finance Specialist

Let Antonia  find you the best finance deal 


Looking for fast & easy finance? 
We are ready to help 

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Consumer Financing Solution for Melbourne North Businesses & Dealerships

Are you a Melbourne business looking to increase sales with fast & easy customer financing solutions? Our Melbourne North asset finance broker team can help you grow your business today.

Attract Customers 

Financed offers are a customer magnet and with Zink it's easy to create financed offers your customers will love.


Offering your customers an easy way to pay for large purchases in small instalments at the point of sale is proven to increase sales by an average of 32%.

Improve Cashflow

Never chase another invoice again. When your customer's loan settles you get paid upfront, you pay no fees and earn commissions. 

Delight Customers

Zink's lightning-fast paperless application and advanced lender matching deliver an amazing customer experience that drives business referrals. 

Explore Our Financing Solutions

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With one of the largest lending panel in Australia, it is easy to find you the perfect loan for your circumstances


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