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Perfect Score

Credit education to get your declined customers ready to re-apply.

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Perfect Score is a free online program that teaches your declined customers the nuts and bolts of boosting their chances of getting approved for finance, no matter their circumstances.

Cost: No upfront Fee | Success Cost: $250 per settlement   |How Billed: monthly RCTI

Features | Benefits

Perfect Score where the aim of the game is to get your declined clients approved in 90 days or sooner. We give your customers the tools they need to get approved or lower interest rates. We teach them what lenders look for and how to get a suitable 

Give your declined leads the education they need to succeed with finance

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How it works

Simply give us the green light to send all of your customers to the program and that's it. There is no other work required on your behalf. Here's the process. 



  Simply check the KOBA Insurance box on the marketplace order form

Register at Perfect Score

Once you opt-in to Perfect Score you will receive an email to register on the Perfect Scorev platform. Alternatively, Visit Perfect Score to register and get access to your partner dashboard here


Workflow Trigger Added

We will add your broker pod to the perfect score automation workflow. Now when your customers are declined they will automatically be invited into the perfect score program. 


Returned Leads

Finance-ready customers who complete perfect score will be returned to your work basket. Only if they settle will you be charged a service fee. 

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