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Lead Marketplace

A powerful Zink Feature

Our lead marketplace provides you with high-quality, pre-screened finance leads that are catagorised to align with your specific needs, saving you time and increasing your chances of success.

Stop wasting precious time and resources on ineffective lead generation methods. Take advantage of our lead buying auction platform today and start closing more deals tomorrow. 

Cost: Starting at $75 per lead |  | How Billed: monthly RCTI: 

  • Gold -  $250 - full application and income verified
  •  Grade A – $150 A – full application with docs
  • Grade B –  $100 – full application awaiting all relevant documents
  • Grade C - $75 - personal loans Veda under 400 and no docs

    How Billed: monthly through your RCTI 

Features | Benefits

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Stop wasting time and money building your own lead funnels

Access Lead Marketplace Now »

log in to Zink to explore lead marketplace  ...

How it works

Simply log into your Xink platform and hit the tools tab to gain access to our lead marketplace


Go to lead marketplace

  • Log in to Zink 
  • Go to tools - Auctions

Explore leads in Auction

Scan the marketplace to find the leads you wish to bid on. Choose by credit score, VIDA, and more


Bid on leads

  • Click the bid button to place your bid
  • Set your maximum bid
  • Receive outbid notifications
  • Receive win notifications 

Access your leads

Every lead that you win will automatically be transferred to your Zink work basket so you can get to work on closing the deal immediately. 

Access Lead Marketplace Now »

Log in to Zink to explore lead marketplace ...

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