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Social sharing made easy

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Are you looking for a new way to generate leads and boost your business? Our free social marketing platform is the solution you've been looking for. Stop  wasting time, resources and money on expensive agencies and creating social posts. Inside our platform you will find highly engaging social media content that you can share to your social accounts at the push of a button to grow your authority, drive social media channel growth, follower engagement, click throughs and finance inquiry leads.  

Social channels you can share to include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Each post graphic is custom designed for each platform and contains both the key social message and hashtags. For those that want to add extra content to the message there is also a place where you can add your personal touch.  

Cost: FREE

Features | Benefits

Take advantage of this free social marketing tool to build your social channels and generate free leads. The platform includes a full reporting dashboard to provide transparency and all leads generated through the program are automatically synchronized and drop straight into your Zink workbasket.

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How it works

Automatically share Ausloans educational content and product-specific landing pages to your social media accounts to drive customer engagement and lead generation at the push of a button.


Log in 

Log in to our social marketing platform here 

If you don't have your log in information reach out to

Choose Your Social Post

Simply go to marketing materials and hit the social media campaigns tab to pull up our social post campaigns. Select the campaign and post you wish to promote and hit the share button. 


Share on Socials

Hit the share button to post to your social media channels. It's that simple.


Just like an affiliate program your posts contain a unique tracking ID that drops a cookie on our website to let us know the visitor was sent to us by you.

If the visitor converts to a lead any time within the next 7 days you will receive a conversion notification from the platform. Simultaneously, the lead will automatically be attributed to you and appear in your Zink work basket. 

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Grow your business with Ausloans ...

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