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Ready to transform your asset finance brokerage or dealership with a fast aggregator platform that delivers massive finance penetration gains. Simply register using the form and you'll be taken to our automatic demo booking where you can choose a time that best suits you.

Lightning Fast Finance Qualification
Instant Intuitive Lender Matching

Seamless Compliance Management

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 Fast Finance Qualification

With just a copy of their licence  data capture across multiple information platforms and within seconds, gain access to a ‘Traffic Light Assessment’ of the customer across six lending criteria segments. Green means the deal can proceed, Orange may require further investigation, and red means the customer is not eligible



Intuitive Lender Matching

Zinks' powerful lender matching algorithms  automate assessment across 1000’s of variables, & intuitively deliver customer and lender matching options  direct to the brokers computer screen. instantly empowering the broker with productivity and efficiency gains upwards of 50%



Seamless Compliance Management

Compliance and customer experience are at the core of Zink's  functionality. While your customer enjoys a paperless loan application process Zink manages broker compliance 



Amazing Customer Experience

Delight your customers and turn them into promoters with a paperless, friction-less 5 star customer experience.   



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We have already experienced a threefold increase in productivity with our in-house team. Zink is a gamechanger.

- Neil Crotty 1800Approved

Prior to ZINK implementation I was only able to take two maybe three applications in an hour and now I am able to speak to up to 10 customers with at least 5 full applications taken in the same time frame. ZINK is a gamechanger in the day to day operations for brokers.

- Morgan Newton, Broker

I absolutely love Zink!! It has improved our productivity by about 300% with the amount of applications we can do in a day.  if it's an auto decline due to credit file, we didn't need to waste 30 mins first to get there, we could see it within 30 seconds, 

-Jeneya Huxter, Broker

The introduction of Zink to my workday has helped me refine my process and improve my own business so well that my efficiency has almost doubled

- Luke Walsh, Broker