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The 3 Critical Factors of Operations Efficiency

Posted by Ivan Lovos on Jan 10, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Do you suspect that inefficiencies in your business are increasing your costs, keeping you from meeting demand or hurting profits?

Like a lot of Brokerages or Finance Businesses, you may suspect that there are inefficiencies in your business. If you're experiencing declining ROI, difficulty meeting demand and/or revenue losses on deal settlements are all things you can’t ignore.

The good news is that you can quickly boost productivity and profits with a three-step approach to operational efficiency.

1. Benchmark your performance - You can do that by evaluating how well it's doing on key performance factors – especially around lead generation ROI, closing ratios and time to settle.

At Ausloans Finance Group we have market leading products and services to help you track and manage with:

  • Cloud based tools – Service your customer anywhere/anytime.
  • Large Panel of lenders – maximise your lead generation investment.
  • Vehicle procurement – keep customers in-house, provide a 360-degree service.
  • Digital marketing support –capture, track and funnel lead generation for larger ROI.

2. Identify and eliminate waste - Targeting issues like bottlenecks and poor sales processes caused by time. You can start to eliminate waste by keeping track of what steps each Broker’s deals are stalling, prompts you to follow up sooner and save those borderline deals. This allows experienced brokers or managers to spend more time on income producing opportunities.

3. Monitor and manage performance - set up dashboards and implementing daily team meetings. Our dashboard will give you and insight on how the month is tracking giving you and insight into what levers you can pull to make a change.


Time kills deals – be at the forefront of your team’s performance – support, develop, engage with your team efficiently.


Apply the 3 steps to create a culture of continuous improvement and you will soon start to see improvements in productivity, cost containment, employee morale and profitability.

If you would like more information, please contact Ivan Lovos on 0423 082 767.