Vehicle Procurement Services

As part of our continual improvement in customer service and our focus on finding big-picture solutions to make the car buying process for our customers easier, we founded DRIVE.  

We understand that looking for the right car to buy is a time-consuming process, and at times can feel like guesswork when making the right decision. Thanks to Drive, we take the wrangle out of cost comparing at multiple dealerships and negotiating with salespeople to lengthy paperwork. 

Our experienced team of car brokers at Drive can reach out to a large network of dealerships to negotiate pricing, locking in the best possible deal, providing the flexibility our customers need to make a great decision. 


  • Highly experienced team of car brokers
  • Access to a large network of dealerships
  • Access to our exclusive pricing structure

  • Access to car advice consultancy
  • Delivery service Nationwide
  • Fully integrated to your Genius platform