Ausloans Customer Finance Solutions for brokers and business!


Asset Finance Aggregator  Platform for Dealerships 

Increase productivity and efficiency and close more sales with an aggregator solution designed for dealerships

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Dealerships Close 40%  More Deals With Zink 

 With Zink's multi-lender platform you could be closing 40% of financed deals you usually reject

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Dealerships Increase Productivity 300% With Zink 

 With Zink's multi-lender platform you could be closing 40% of financed deals you usually reject 

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Zink's full funnel customer financing platform gives your dealership all the tools to drive increased sales.


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Client-Facing Zink

Give your customers an easy way to apply for finance anywhere, any time with your custom Zink landing page and simple paperless online application.


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 Broker Zink  

Simply capture the details of the customer’s license and within minutes Zink will deliver  a “traffic light credit assessment” of the customer. Green means the deal can proceed, orange may require further investigation, and red means the customer is not eligible

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Broker Advisor

If a customer qualifies for finance, Zink's powerful "broker advisor engine "will instantly aggregate finance offers from lenders and match your customer with the best, low rate finance options from our 40+ lender panel

Fast Aggregator Boost Dealership Sales 

Watch our 2 minutes explainer video below to learn everything you need to know about how Ausloans aggregator solutions for dealerships can help you sell more.

Ready to increase productivity and efficiency and close more sales with Ausloans asset finance aggregation for dealerships?

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Increase Efficiency

At the time of application Zink queries various agencies, Sensis, ASIC and Equifax, to validate the information given allowing for correct and up-to-date data to be recorded.


Increase Productivity 

Reduce errors and increase productivity by up to 300% with Zink's  fast traffic light credit qualification and broker advisor lender matching engine.


Increase Sales 

 With Zink's multi-lender solution finding the perfect lender for your customers circumstances has never been easier. Dealerships that use Zink on average close 40% more sales


Delight Customers

Zink's lightning fast paperless application and advanced lender matching, delivers an amazing customer experience that drives business referrals 

The introduction of Zink to my workday has helped me refine my process and improve my own business so well that my efficiency has almost doubled. Having the ability to assess a client’s profile and credit rating within seconds of talking to them using the traffic light system while not negativity affecting them in anyway not only saves valuable time for myself but also for the client who may not be sure if they can be approved or not. Using Zink, we can essentially have a pre-approval within minutes of meeting a new client.
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Luke Walsh
Finance Specialist 1800 Approved

Prior to ZINK implementation I was only able to take two maybe three applications in an hour and now I am able to speak to up to 10 customers with at least 5 full applications taken in the same time frame. It is all down to Zink’s ability to capture information and allow me to understand the customers current financial situation faster with less human error. ZINK is a game-changer in the day to day operations for brokers. Faster turnarounds with a quick snapshot of a customer’s eligibility after a few quick questions makes for happier clients and more efficient brokers – it is win-win.
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Morgan Newton
Finance Broker

Switching to Ausloans was extremely easy. We have been getting great customer feedback and keeping more deals. There is great communication and transparency and I would have no hesitation in recommending Morgan to friends, family and other businesses.

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Tom Bennington
Used Car Floor Manager - Toyota

I absolutely love Zink!! It has improved productivity in our business by about 300% with the amount of applications we can do in a day. It's really helpful in being able to have a quick chat and provide some upfront insight and advice to clients, if it's an auto decline due to credit file, we didn't need to waste 30 mins first to get there, we could see it within 30 seconds
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Jenea Huxter
Finance Specialist

Why partner with Ausloans!

Learn why businesses & brokers choose Ausloans Zink
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Trusted Brand

Ausloans is a trusted brand loved by consumers, dealerships, partners and lenders  

Multiple Solutions

At Ausloans we understand the customer financing needs of businesses and offer solutions to suit the needs of different businesses

Industry Leading Platform

An Australian-first. zero ink Zink's  ‘three click’ car loan is set to revolutionise the automotive industry, allowing dealerships to green light applications within two minutes.

40+ Lender Pool

Boasting one of the largest lender pools in the country matching your customers with the right finance product for their circumstances has never been easier

Fast Approvals 

With Zink's propriety traffic light finance assessment engine it takes only minutes to qualify your dealership customers

Advanced Lender Matching

Zink takes the pain out of finding the right lender. Our advanced lender matching algorithms deliver the right lenders for your customer direct to your screen

Outstanding Support

At Ausloans we offer our dealership partners industry leading marketing and business development support with promotions, marketing resources and training to fuel your business growth.

Industry High NPS