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Times Are Changing

Posted by Ivan Lovos on Oct 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Guess what? These days we live in a self-serve world.  

We no longer have to leave the house to get fast food… Uber Eats! Do you have to struggle through an awkward conversation at the supermarket checkout? Nope…Self-serve checkouts! Or better yet, just order your groceries online, get them delivered to your door at a time that suits 

It has become so unnecessary to torture ourselves with meaningless interactions.  

Think about it, ten years ago you had to use an ATM or call the bank to check your account. Online banking, PayWave, ApplePay and Cardless cash are amazing leaps in technology. With all the developments in technology, people aren’t looking to talk to others or wait in line, it’s all about the self-serve industry.  

Some may argue, this is a negative development to society but in such a fast-paced world where time equals money, who has the extra time to spare? 

Why does any of this matter? Well, if we utilize all these timesaving advancements why should we not expect the same convenience when looking for personal loans? I live in the age of google… I don’t need a banker to give me “the best deal” when all the options are a click away. Why should I wait for weeks to be approved when companies are taking advantage of innovative technology to provide quicker, self-directed loan support?  

To break it down, FinTechs are driving how consumers spend their money. Every aspect of the world we live in must be fast and easy. When the finance industry is being driven by startup businesses that are paving the way for easier access to money, why would you not take advantage of it?  

One of the best partsthis thriving industry can save you money by utlising self-directed options. For example, PayID not only allows you to send and receive money in real time to other bank accounts, you can also avoid the hefty fees that banks throw on top of transactions. Blockchain technology is placing control back into the hands of the customer. Savings to the customer are passed on because they can be. Think about it, if you had a physical bank that hires and pays for its staff, electricity and rent versus a bank that is entirely based online with comprehensive virtual support… You can guess which one will have lower fees and better outcomes for their clients.  

Not that more proof needs to be given but, in the first quarter of 2018 we saw more than 5.4 billion dollars invested in FinTechs around the world. In Australia, you can see companies like Ausloans Finance, the fastest growing finance brokerage firm, competing and succeeding in the market. We have continually developed out FinTech technologies in line with our Mission and values – 

“We hold the customer at the heart of everything we do!” 

As such we focused on making the whole loan application process as streamlined as possible, time saving functionalities throughout the process, constant communication between broker and customer make the whole process relationship nurturing experience. Ultimately, it allows you to increase your sales volume pipeline and leverage for greater rewards. 

Ausloans Finance Group can reduce 60% of time spent on application stage so the time can be used for meaningful interactions. 

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