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Capturing and Retaining the Customer Journey

Posted by Ivan Lovos on Jun 6, 2019 11:00:00 AM

The one thing potential Business Partners focus on is leads, leads and leads. No matter what you say they will only focus on the volume of leads, what platform is used and cost per lead. All valid questions but they never think to use the database of customers they already have; they never look at ways of maximising each deal and nurture the client for future business. In most cases they don’t look at the bigger picture and are working harder to generate that new lead 


The cheapest lead generation cost is from customers that have already used your service. If you did right by the customer, they already know they are going to get value for money. They will understand the value proposition coupled with your customer service it shouldn’t be a surprised if they returned or referred someone else.  In theory this is a simplified view of the customer journey but it’s something we take seriously here at Ausloans Finance Group. 

Know your customer personas 

Part of creating a tailored marketing campaign is built on clear customer analytics  demographics, behaviour, motivations, challenges, goals or asset financed. Understanding who your customer is to maximise your database ROI is key for ongoing success. Capturing as much information from each customer is already part of your job as an Asset Broker but what you do with the info is what makes all the difference to your bottom line. At Ausloans Finance our Digital Marketing team will assist you with making the most out your current database and fruit opportunities.  

Marketing Activities with purpose 

You’ve already spent money, effort and time generating the leads whether it’s a good or bad lead. However, you can always try to improve your ROI by tailoring marketing activities to your growing customer database. Data driven marketing should be your top priority and Ausloans Finance has the infrastructure to help support your next phase of growth. 

Follow up and Retain 

If you get steps 1 and 2 correct you are well on your way to creating a Sales Funnel for your business. Most businesses have well established marketing activities, but few have the right tools to maximise conversion and retention. Arm yourself with the right structure to help you manage the flow of leads and make sure that every opportunity/lead is being communicated to and actioned. Our Genius CRM platform does all of this and help you gauge your performance at any given moment with dashboard reporting.  


Remember, digital marketing requires you to invest time, effort and resources in generating leads. Some platforms will require you to invest up front. So! This means you’ve already invested in your business and it’s up to you to be prepared and start converting it to Sales. For more information please contact Ivan Lovos – Engagement Manager Ausloans Finance Group 0423 082 767.