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How Zink has created the missing link -Call Centre to Broker

Posted by Lorna Robinson on Nov 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM

I want to Share our Journey with you all, from the small steps taken in our call centre, to the giant leap towards our Fintech dreams  with an expectancy of managing the change curve... Mourning through to Performing  

As a team, we went through a range of different emotions and stages when we heard our dialler was changing. Our process, our scriptour way of life (Okay that last part was just for dramatic effect) 


The Team were comfortable with our old processthey questioned any changes. Why? Because they were after all Guruin our areawith honed skills to engaging our potential and existing clientsWhy would we want to be anything less than great? Would this change make us less 

We were informed, we knew what was changing and why it was changing 

Due to this, of course it would have been natural to mourn the old ways. However, we all put on our big girl pants and stepped into the unknown. 


 Instead of questioning methodsnew process or our ability to work within thesethe team embraced them. Everyone enjoyed being a part of a project, feeding back to allow us all, as a business, to understand where we could tweak and make improvement 

Instead of sitting in the trough of doubt, we were changing Dialler solutions and welcoming new team members. We had a new process and we were still getting results… different results, better results 


We were able to have bolder, more knowledgeable conversations right from the get-go and pass over factual information to our customer “the broker “knowing that we had helped the applicant on their way to “todays goals and tomorrows dreams.”   


We also knew we were aiming for our 2 min Approval by conversationally encouraging documentation to be sent over and we were seeing a great uptake of around 67-70% of this coming in daily 


What stood out most was we were performing; we were empowering, and we were working as one team from Marketing through to settlement. Why? Because we were Zinking as one  


We had created that link through Zink 

Gets you Zinking doesn’t it... What if you put your big pants on and try it? You might just love it  

I know we do!