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Posted by Ivan Lovos on Oct 10, 2019 11:16:22 AM

Over the last few months we have seen a lot of changes to the team, our systems, our procedures and way of executing our Mission: “Holding the customer at the heart of everything we do”. Im incredibly proud at the way our teams have continued to push ahead during the challenging times. The best part, in my opinion, is seeing people execute their inner resilience and expanding their capabilities.

Resilience comes in many different forms and it all starts with mindset. Some of us have been so busy that you haven’t acknowledge how much resilience you have developed over a short amount of times. However, its these small individual steps that allow the team to go above and beyond. Here’s how.


#1 Welcoming Change

The reality is, change is hard however, adapting to new technology is key for success as it drives the modern business sector. Initially changing your individual workflow can be challenging, the unknown can be daunting but the efficiencies are there to help you strive. Seeing some of you break some personal records was great to see and just remember that you will get fitter with the new operating work functions – you will reap greater rewards across all aspect of your service delivery.

#2 Set New Goals

Individual and team resilience means not giving into any obstacles. Rising up to the challenge, even when the challenge evolves as you work through it. Or the challenge is unfair, costly and punishing. But without goals, there is no challenge. Without clarity on what you need to achieve and understand the “Why!” can help you overcome a negative mindset.

Setting goals works on so many levels including:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Mental well being
  • Purpose

Take the time to review these goals on a weekly or at least a monthly basis to keep tabs on how you are tracking and reach out for help where possible. When in doubt, do reach out because most of the time little tweaks make all the difference.

#3 Self Development

I once listened to a podcast with Kelly Slater whom won countless World Surfing titles and still competing at the young age of 47. He spoke about looking at the people around, surround yourself with people that compliment your weakness in order to help you grow. The same idea can be used in every facet of the business sector. Take a moment to review your skill set, look at the areas you need or want to improve and reach out to someone who’s strength is your weakness within the team. This is the quickest and easiest form of mentoring and help you develop your own capabilities. Build rapport, ask questions, review examples of work.


If this is not for you then look at other mediums made available to you. I personally don’t have enough time to read so I use:

  • Audibles
  • Blog Posts
  • Podcasts
  • Attend seminars/webinars
  • Distance Education programs

I’m sure there are many other platforms you can utilise; a simple Google search will surely uncover what suits you.

#4 Willingness

You need to make the time to create a better version of yourself. At times making ourselves uncomfortable is the only way, it might mean waking up early or staying up a bit later to:

  • Acknowledge
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Review

Without a plan of attack how will you know where you are going and without changing habits how can you grow?

Many of you are already driven and strive for success but ask yourself – how can you be better?

Adopting a growth mindset takes practice and I’m always there to help with any resources you may need.


Always here to support,
Ivan Lovos