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We all have good and bad days!

Posted by Ivan Lovos on Nov 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Over the last couple of years, society’s view on mental health has matured and people are now having open conversations. However, after everything is said and done – we are still losing a growing number of people to Mental Health issues.  

Personally, this on-going epidemic has affected my own circle of friends as recently as Monday 4th November 2019. Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy and never will be, you reminisce the happier times and dwell on hindsight which is its own mental enemy. 


What’s most alarming is the people with the most pain are the ones that go out of their way to help you. They are the ones that go above and beyond because they know what it’s like to feel the mental pain and anguish. This irrational reality is wake-up call to all of us to pay it forward, reach out and connect because it will hopefully save a life.  


There are a lot of organisations that are doing their bit to raise awareness and educate on how best deal with mental health. There is an abundance of tips to help yourself or reach out and help another – a simple “How are you?” will go a long way to some people.  


Check out the R U OK? webpage for some tips on how to engage in conversation with someone you think is having  tough time.  


If you feel like growing a MO and raise money towards a good cause please check out the MOVEMBER website. If you don’t want to grow a MO ,there is always Move for Movember or host something fun to raise funds.  


The Livin website has a range of self help steps you can take to help you feel better. 


The Beyond Blue website will provide you with the contact details to a variety of services that are free, professional and work within your schedule. I personally have done it and the results have changed my outlook on life.  


I urge everyone to take a moment, check out the information available and support, self help or seek help. Even if your first steps are small you will always be moving forward.  

If you would like further information about the programs available please contact Ivan Lovos on 0423 082 767.