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car finance deals

Car Finance Deals Customer Stories

Explore our showcase of best car finance deals settled using our industry leading fintech software- Zink. At Ausloans we make finding the best car finance for your clients easy. 

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Multiple Enquiries

Meet Rob. Rob is 22 years old and has only been employed full time for 1 year. He has a low credit score 382 and no deposit. Prior to applying for a car loan with Ausloans Rob had submitted multiple sub-prime enquiries. With Zink's broker advisor we helped Rob secure a $30 00p car loan and now he's driving his new car to work. 

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7 Months ABN

Meet Alex. Alex is a new ABN holder who wanted to buy a new car for work, however at the time of his application he had only had an ABN for 7 months, He was seeking a loan for a $40 000 Mercedes Benz and had no deposit. With Zink's advanced lender matching we were able to secure him the loan he was chasing and he's now a happy Benz driver.

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Zink fast online finance _ car finance

Declined By Dealership

Meet Rose. Rose was a low income employee seeking a car loan as a first time lender. She was initially declined finance by the dealership so turned to Ausloans. Using Zink and our advanced lender matching algorithms we were able to settle a $36 000 car loan in 48 hours. Rosie picked up her new car the  same week. 

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self employed car finance _fast finance approval

4 Weeks in Job 

Meet Will. Will had been self employed for the last 3 years but hadn't worked for 3 months. Recently he decided to jump back into an employee role. At the time of application he had only been in his new job for 4 weeks. With Zink's advanced lender matching we were able to secure will a $30 000 personal loan. 

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Sporadic Income

Meet Doug. Doug is a casual fishing trawler captain who rents privately. Given the nature of his job he has sporadic income. Sometime it is months between pay checks and he was only able to give us 2 pay slips per month.  With Zinks advanced lender matching we were able to secure Doug a $62 000 asset loan . Doug is now smiling.

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car loan deal - curtis

$2200 Unpaid Default

Meet Curtis. Curtis was looking for a $24000 loan to buy a new car, however at the time of his application he had only been working full time for 5 months. Previously he had been employed on a casual basis for 6 months. He also had a $2200 unpaid loan and was default listed by Panthera in 2017, With the help of Zink we were able to secure him the loan he was chasing.

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ausloans fast car finance

32K Loan Settled 1 Hour

Settling car finance deals fast is one of the many advantage of using Ausloans Zink software and Josh is a perfect example of delivering a speedy customer service. Josh had his first conversation with an Ausloans broker at 12.06pm on a Friday afternoon. By 1.06pm on the same afternoon the loan was settled for a $32k car loan. Want to see how Zink can help you close deals faster?

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car finance solution

The Right Lending  Solution

Meet Jodie. Jodie was originally looking for a car finance deal to secure a cheap runaround. However during the assets phase of the application she disclosed that many of her white goods were damaged and not working. Our broker quickly pivoted to a personal loan to solve Jodie's problem. She now has new white goods and that runaround she was originally looking to finance.

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car loans made easy 2

$25K With 400 Veda Score

Meet Moffit. Moffitt was looking to find the best car finance deal for his circumstances. He had been working in his truck driving job for one year but had only worked as a casual 6 months prior. He also had a few payday loans, a 5K telco default and a 400 credit score. With Zink we were able to find Moffit the car finance deal he was looking for - $25k over 5 years.

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low rate car finance deal

We Halved His Rate 

Meet Ben. Ben was looking to secure a $25K car loan. He originally went to his bank and waited 3 weeks for a finance pre-approval but the rate was 12% p.a.  Frustrated he turned to Ausloans to find a better finance deal. Using Zink's advanced lender matching we were able to secure Ben his $25k but at 5.99% p.a - half the original rate offered by the bank. Ben is now smiling with lower repayments and more money in his pocket.

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22 Year Old gets $75K

22 Years Old $75K loan

Meet Rhys. Rhys is a first time lender. He is 22 years old and was looking to finance a new vehicle, He was non-asset backed and had been boarding for the last two years. With Zink's advanced lender matching we were able to find Rhys a lender prepared to buy his loan. 

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