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Ausloans Australia's premier online caravan and camper trailer finance broker. We make caravan finance   easy



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Caravan and Camper Trailer Finance

Ausloans Australia's premier online caravan and camper trailer finance broker. We make caravan finance   easy



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New and Used Car Loans | The Car Buyers Guide

Everything you need to know about auto financing to get your best low rate car loan 

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Whether you are looking to secure finance for your first car or upgrade to the latest luxury vehicle, at Ausloans we've got you covered. Since 2008 we've helped thousands of Australians just like you, find and secure the best, low rate car finance for their needs and circumstances.

With access to over 40 lenders competing for your business and hundreds of car loan products, we work for you, not the banks. Let our professional team of car finance experts compare the market and secure you the best deal to match your budget. 

Ausloans car loan solutions for you

With car loan solutions for all types of customers, Ausloans has lenders waiting to offer you finance. Whether you are a personal consumer looking to buy a new or used car or a business exploring the best chattel mortgage or low doc loan options we can help you secure the best rates and flexible lending options.

Got bad credit?  We work for you, not the banks and are here to help you overcome your lending challenges. At Ausloans we have solutions no matter what your circumstances.  

Car loan finance options for consumers

We understand all customers are different, so we offer a range of cost-saving finance options to suit your needs

consumer car loans

Consumer Car Loans

Ready to save on your car loan? Get the best car loan rate from one of  Australia's most trusted specialist car loan brokers. 

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refinance car loans

 Refinance Car Loans

Not happy with your rate? We are experts in helping you refinance to secure a better rate and lower repayments.

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bad credit car loan

Bad Credit Car Loans

Got credit issues? We have lenders and car loan solutions to help get you the finance you need to get into a vehicle today. 

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Car loan finance options for business

We understand all customers are different and offer a range of cost-saving finance options to suit your needs

low doc car loans

Low Doc Car Loans

Are you an ABN holder looking for a loan to finance a vehicle, a low doc car loan might be an option for you.

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business car loans

 Business Car Loans

Need a flexible car loan option to suit your business needs? Ausloans can help you finance a new or used vehicle for your business.

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car lease

 Car Lease

Considering leasing a car? At Ausloans we have lenders who can help you save with a range of solutions for car leasing.

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With our advanced technology and diverse lender panel getting you the best car loan deal fast has never been easier


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Our simple, paperless application makes it easy for you to apply online. It only takes a few minutes.

Fast Qualification

Don't wait days to get an answer. With Ausloans personalised customer service  we can tell you if you qualify within minutes of accepting our call.

Advanced Matching

Our industry leading car loan technology  matches your unique profile to the best pre-qualified lender rates from 40+ lenders in minutes.

Multiple Loan Choices

Receive best rate car loan offers from multiple lenders and choose the deal which best suits you. 

Credit Score Protection

Your online application gets checked against 1,000+ lender policies before it's shared with a lender to protect your credit score

Fast Approval

Our fintech software solution ZINK, help brokers to work more efficiently, speeding the application, submission and approval process for consumers.

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With our advanced technology and diverse lender panel, getting you the best car loan deal fast has never been easier



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Car loan tips to help you get approved

Want fast finance approval with better rates? Follow these car financing tips

Car Age Matters

To increase your chances of getting approved for a car loan, and securing a better rate, the newer the vehicle the better.  Lenders see newer vehicles as lower risk and in turn reward you with better rates.

Protect your credit score

Good credit history is one of the key requirements for getting car finance approval. To ensure your credit score remains healthy make sure you pay all of your bills and any other loan repayments you may have on time.  Also try to avoid payday loans or making regular withdrawals at places where gambling is permitted.  Lenders will ask to see your bank statements for the last 3 months before approving your car finance.   Bill defaults and /or regular, empty bank accounts will damage your chances of success. 

Learn more about how to improve your credit score with our credit score guide


Be realistic about your borrowing power

One of the main things lenders look at when deciding whether to approve a car loan is capacity. Capacity basically means your ability to meet the weekly repayments to service the loan.  Choose a loan which is going to be affordable and within your budget. Applying for a loan amount which you cant afford usually results in a decline  and only damages your credit score which in turn makes it more difficult to get approved.

A good way to check affordability is to use our car loan calculator. this can give you a good idea of what your weekly repayments would be on different loan amounts and interest rates.

Having a deposit helps

While most lenders will allow you to borrow 100% of the amount required to purchase the vehicle, having a deposit can really help you get approved. A deposit reduces the risk to the lender and also shows them that you are financially responsible, which in turn gives them confidence to give you the finance you want. 


Documentation is key

Before committing to approve your car loan the lender will require you to submit documents to prove your income and ability to service the loan. 

To maximise your chances of approval and speed up the loan process prepare your documents in advance. You will need a minimum of 2 payslips and bank statements from the past 3 months. 



Popular Questions and Answers

More About Car Loans

Learn more about your car loans options. 


Business vs Personal Loans

Business Car Loans -  Buying a car as a sole operator or as a company to add to your fleet is where a business car loan can help. You will have fixed monthly payments over an agreed period, and take ownership of the vehicle once all payments are made at the end of the loan term. 

Personal Car Loans -A personal car loan is where you borrow an amount of money from a financial institution and repay the debt over an agreed timeframe with equal installments. In general, a personal car loan is a cheaper option when it comes to interest payments.

Secured vs Unsecured Loan 

Secured Car Loan - A secured car loan use the car you are financing to secure the loan. If at any time you are unable to repay the secure loan, the lender may be able to use your security asset to recuperate the difference. 

Unsecured Car Loan - The lender requires no security for the debt so the loan is subject to your ability to repay it. The interest rates on unsecured car loans are higher on average than secured loans, which offsets the increased risk of losing money for the lender.


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