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Car Loan Refinance

Looking to refinance your car? Apply now and save money!

*T&C apply. Students and visitor visas not eligible

At Ausloans we make car loan refinancing easy 

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Refinance your car loan and save 

Want to save on your car loan repayments?
We work for you, not the banks and are here to help you navigate through the process of refinancing your car.  

Make refinancing work for you

Did you know refinancing your car loan could save you money in interest and repayments?  Lending rates change often and so it pays to keep an eye on the loans market. Chances are, right now, you are paying more than you need to. Rates on car loans have never been lower and making the switch to a better value deal is easier than you think. Just how much could you save by refinancing? While that depends on your personal circumstances, if you have been repaying your existing car loan without default for more than 12 months Ausloans can definitely help you lower your rate and reduce your payments.

Why refinance with Ausloans 

Refinancing your car is all about finding a loan that can deliver you a saving. However, with so many loan products in the market and 1000's of lender variables to consider, finding the right solution can be a time consuming and confusing experience. 

At Ausloans we take the pain out of car loan refinancing and do all the heavy lifting for you. Simply complete our 2 minute online application and we will search our extensive lender panel to find a refinance deal that works for you. 

How refinancing a car loan works

Refinancing your car loan is basically the same as getting a new car loan with one simple difference.  When you are refinancing you are basically taking out a new, lower rate loan to pay out your existing car loan.  This results in a new loan agreement, and a new loan term (the length of your loan in months) and most importantly a lower rate to help you save on your car loan.  Ready to get refinanced? Let us compare the market and use your personal profile to deliver you the best car refinance offers from multiple lenders 

Apply Online 

Our simple, paperless application makes it easy for you to apply online. It only takes a few minutes.

Fast Qualification

Don't wait days to get an answer. With Ausloans personalised customer service  we can tell you if you qualify within minutes of accepting our call.

Advanced Matching

Our industry leading car loan technology  matches your unique profile to the best pre-qualified lender rates from 40+ lenders in minutes.

Better Rates

Get best rate car loan offers from  lenders prepared to refinance your car loan and choose the deal which best suits your needs. 

Credit Score Protection

Your online application gets checked against 1,000+ lender policies before it's shared with a lender to protect your credit score

Fast Approval

Apply today, drive away tomorrow

Refinance your car loan in 4 easy steps

We make car loan refinancing simple. Here’s how to drive away in your dream car at a low rate in four easy steps.



1 Minute
It takes only two minutes to make an online application. No lengthy questions.


2 Minutes
Easily upload documents directly from your phone or computer.

Get your
personalised rate

3 Minutes

With our automated finance software ZINK, we match you with a lender and get you the best rate for your circumstances



4 Minutes

Get approved and drive away!

Car loan refinancing is it right for me?

Before refinancing your car loan it is important to determine if there is any advantage.
If you’re considering refinancing here are 5 steps to help you decide if refinancing is right for you. 

Existing Loan

Is your loan up to date? The first requirement for refinancing is that your current loan is being serviced without default. If you have missed repayments or have repayment defaults you will not be able to refinance. 

Tip: Make sure you are paying your existing loan repayments on time. Our advice to boost your credit score- set up direct debit from your bank account to ensure you never miss a payment. 

Payout Amount

Before applying to refinance you will need to know exactly how much you need to pay out your existing loan. To do this simply contact your existing lender and ask how much you need to pay out the existing loan. 

Tip: Check with your existing lender to determine if there are any loan discharge fees for early payout. 


Loan Cost

This is very important to check. When comparing your existing loan against a new lower rate loan offer  remember to check the loan fees to  determine if the new loan is actually the cheaper option.

TIP; consider all fees and charges for existing loan payout and new loan establishment. 

Loan Term

When refinancing you need to consider not only the rate being offered but also the term of the loan being offere3d. Extending the term of your loan may deliver lower weekly repayments however  you may end up paying more in interest over the course of the loan. 


Loan conditions including interest rate, amount of the loan, ability  to make extra repayments, fees for early loan repayment and redraw facility vary significantly between lenders and loan products.

Tip: Before deciding to refinance your car loan ensure  the loan has the features you need and that the conditions of the loan don't impose penalties on you for actions like early payout. 

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Refinance Car Loans

Refinancing Your Car Loan - Pro's and Con's

Learn about the possible pros & cons of refinancing your car loan before you take the plunge.


Pros of Refinancing

  • Reduce Your Interest Rate
  • Lower Your Monthly Payments
  • Improve Your Cash Flow
  • Increased flexibility

Cons of refinancing

  • Paying more in interest
  • Entry and exit fees


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