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Rodney Michail Ausloans Finance Group Founder

Rodney Michail: Franchisor, Leader, Futurist, Values Advocate 

In the fast-paced world of finance and technology, few individuals have left a legacy as remarkable as Rodney Michail, the visionary Managing Director and CEO of Ausloans Finance. With a portfolio of businesses dating back to his teenage years and an academic background in Engineering and Business Management from the University of Southern Queensland, Rodney's journey seemed destined to lead him into the realm of Automotive Tech. In 2008, during the turbulence of the global financial crisis, he founded Ausloans Finance and 1800Approved with the goal of providing better solutions to the market. 

 As a hands-on leader, Rodney Michail has emerged as an innovator in the digital asset finance space, pioneering industry advancements with a vision for better solutions. He constantly explores local and global options, searching for the best tools to simplify the Auto Finance Journey for both Clients and Brokers of Ausloans. It's not uncommon to find Rodney workshopping solutions, challenging industry norms, and sharing insights with his team. 


A Visionary Journey: 

 Rodney Michail's journey in the financial landscape has been marked by his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. He once stated, "At Ausloans, we have never taken the easy path." His approach to finance is built on a foundation of empathy and understanding for the modern consumer, as well as a deep appreciation for the needs of key finance industry stakeholders, including dealerships, brokers, and lenders. "This journey can only be taken by walking the path of those before you. This is how you build relevant solutions that have purpose and solve a pain," he emphasizes. 


Deeper Values: 

 Beyond his remarkable career, Rodney Michail remains a dedicated family man. He resides on the picturesque Gold Coast with his wife Nevine and their three beautiful children. Finding solace in the glorious Queensland sun at marine or motorsport events, Rodney's balance between professional success and personal fulfillment underscores his commitment to a well-rounded life and the sustainability of helping generations of individuals find purpose within the Ausloans Journey. "I am humbled every day I see how many people believe in the vision and shared values, reigniting my passion to dig deeper daily," Rodney shares. 


Standing the Test of Time: 

 As Ausloans celebrates 15 years of success as a leader within the Asset Finance Sector, it is a testament to its resilience. Founded during the GFC, each chapter of the journey has faced its share of turbulence, shaping the resilient values of the company. Today, as the largest privately-owned finance brokerage and aggregation business in Australia, Ausloans Finance is synonymous with finance solutions for all asset types. Vehicles, leisure items, and commercial assets all fall under its purview. With motor sector finance comprising a substantial 70% of the company's business, it's evident that Michail has a keen understanding of the industry, making Ausloans the trusted go-to choice for clients nationwide. 


Recognitions and Awards: 

 Rodney Michail's journey of excellence in the finance industry has earned him several notable achievements and recognitions. It began with his passion for innovation, which led to the 'Fastest Growing Start-up' title at the 2013 StartupSmart Awards. In 2016, his unwavering commitment to excellence resulted in 1800Approved being named 'Asset Finance Broker of the Year' at the Australian Broking Awards held in Sydney. 

 Continuing his dedication to innovation and advancement, in 2020, Rodney Michail and his team achieved remarkable feats in two prestigious categories at the Australian Broking Awards: 'Technology Platform of the Year' and 'Innovator of the Year.' These accolades underline his ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the finance industry. These awards and recognitions stand as a testament to the team alongside Rodney, their comradery, and leadership, all working in tandem to reshape the finance landscape with innovative solutions. 


Pioneering a Smarter Fintech Future: 

 Under the leadership of Rodney Michail, Ausloans developed and patented a multi-award-winning fintech software named Zink. This groundbreaking software empowers brokers to work smarter, enhancing efficiency and making finance accessible and hassle-free for consumers. Simultaneously, it has helped businesses and dealerships nationwide elevate their consumer experience with AI and Machine learning models, ultimately boosting sales. By comparing hundreds of products from over 60 lenders and streamlining the credit risk journey, this bolstered solution has seen asset finance brokers double or triple their outputs and finance business managers reclaim countless hours from their schedules. The robust software has undergone multiple iterations, each time becoming faster, more stable, and smarter, aiding experts in the industry to become leaders. 


A Bright Future Ahead: 

 Rodney Michail's journey as a pioneering figure in the digital asset finance space is far from over. With his continued dedication to innovation and a profound understanding of the financial landscape, he is poised to lead Ausloans Finance to new heights, reshaping the way finance is conducted in Australia within the asset sector. 

 In summary, Rodney Michail is not just a CEO; he is a visionary, an innovator, and a leader with deep family values who is shaping the future of finance in Australia. His commitment to providing financial solutions through uncharted pathways, coupled with his humility and dedication to family, employees, franchisees, and the community, makes him a standout figure in the financial industry. Rodney Michail's journey is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and a deep understanding of the needs of modern consumers and businesses alike. If you would like to learn more about his journey and how Ausloans can help you become a leader in your business, reach out to Rodney Michail or the team, who embrace an open-door policy, welcoming all who wish to explore new horizons. You never know where this path may lead you. 

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