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Free Camping Sites - 27 Best Free Caravan Parks Across Australia

Chris Hopkins
Nov 19, 2021 9:50:51 AM

There might be no such a thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as free caravan and camping spots. They are all over Australia, so if you're interested in the great outdoors you have plenty of hotspots to choose from.

A free camping spot in Australia is completely free, so it will save you loads of money on your usual accommodation costs. The downside is that they often have limited-to-no facilities and you likely won’t have power, or fancy toilets and showers. You might be lucky to have taps. But let’s face it - when it comes to exploring Australia, you’ll have the chance to experience off-the-beaten track destinations that aren’t overrun with mainstream tourists – and there’s nothing better than that.

So, get your caravan or camper ready, and let’s hit the road to see what’s available (for free) across Australia. 

Free Caravan Parks NSW

 Dalys Clearing

Caravan park dalys-clearing

You will find the Belanglo State Forest an hour and a half outside Sydney and within the forest is a free camping site called Dalys Clearing.


It's an ideal choice if you're a first-time free camper as there are pit toilets available if you need them, and fires are permitted if you bring your own wood. The dirt road into the camping area is in good shape so, you'll be absolutely fine in a 2WD vehicle provided it's a dry day.


Ingar Campground

Caravan park ingar

Nestled against the Blue Mountains, Ingar Campground is a stunning free camp with no mobile reception so, it's the perfect place to unplug. It offers pit toilets, and while there's a swimming hole, you won't find drinking water. If you draw water from a creek or dam, be sure and boil it before you drink it, but try and stock up before you arrive. There are wood barbecue facilities, but you'll need to bring your own wood.

The biggest drawback is you can't book ahead, and as it's a small campsite you will need to arrive early to stake your claim. You're fine with a 2WD, but if it's wet weather, you'll need a 4WD to navigate the unsealed road.


Mays Bend

Caravan park Mays-Bend

You will find Mays Bend, North Bourke, on the Darling River. It's spread out and has loads of space, with incredible views. Bourke has some wonderful attractions on offer, including an art gallery, but not much mobile reception to speak of. Another excellent selling point is you will find public toilets and showers around town, though not in the camp itself. You will want to avoid it in wet weather as moisture quickly turns the soil into sticky clay.


Bendeela Recreation

Caravan park Bendeela

You will need to book in advance, but this well-maintained campsite is popular if you love hanging out with local wildlife. On the Kangaroo River, you can canoe and swim. You can take a walk through the nearby national forest or visit a dam or a reservoir for a bit of fishing. It has drinking water, toilets, and a toilet dumping area as well.

Free Caravan Parks QLD

Jowarra Park

Caravan-park-Jowarra QLD

Only a kilometre from the Beerwah State Forest, Jowarra Park is the perfect choice for a first-time free camping experience. On the beautiful Sunshine Coast, it leaves you a little bit spoilt - with a rest area, flushing toilets (gasp!), BBQ facilities, fire pits, and more. As far as free camps go, it has much more to offer than most. Be sure to arrive early if you want a prime spot as it tends to get busy fast. Keep in mind though that it is technically a rest area; you won't get away with more than a night or two.

Lake Elphinstone

Caravan park lake-Elphinstone

In the Isaac Region, this natural lake makes a great free camping spot. Pets are welcome, there are unheated showers, flushing toilets, barbecue facilities, and there's water to explore. If canoeing, kayaking, or boating aren't of interest, it is also a birdwatching hotspot. There is no need to book ahead.

Boulders Camp

Caravan park boulders-camp

 It's free for a 72-hour stay, and it's only a short walk to Babinda Boulders natural swimming hole. There's no power, but you will find toilets, unheated showers, and barbecue facilities. There's no need to book a spot in advance; simply claim your spot early to take in Tropical North Queensland. Generators are allowed between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm.

Cumberland Mine

Caravan park Cumberland-mine

If you're interested in a bit of history on your trip, this is an excellent option. At first look, it's a parking area with nothing more to offer than a place to rest your head. However, even though there are no facilities, there is abundant birdlife around the lagoon to enjoy. What's important to understand is this is the remnant of an old mine, and as such, there are warning signs you must pay attention to. It's well worth it.


Free Caravan Parks Western Australia

Disappointment Rock

Caravan park disapoinment-rock

This free camp is anything but disappointing, as the name suggests. Blooming spring wildflowers cover vibrant red soil creating a stunning backdrop, whether you're stopping off for a picnic or an overnight stay. There are no toilets, showers, and there's no shade either, so bring your own. However, fires are allowed and it's a great stop-off point on your trip if you want to take in some beautiful sites.

James Price Point

Caravan park James-Price-point

If you want beach camping, this is a winner. You won't find any facilities at this stunning spot 50km from Broome, but you will find the largest humpback whale population in the world. The area is known for its red dirt, unkempt green vegetation, and the turquoise blue of the water. It's truly a sensational backdrop for a free camping spot in Australia.

Lake Ballard

Caravan park lake-ballard

There’s no available drinking water at beautiful Lake Ballard, but there are self-composting toilets and a spectacular view. There are fire rings in play from April through October, so be sure to bring firewood. It's a great opportunity to indulge your artistic interests, too, as it's home to the largest outdoor gallery in the country.


Wolfe Creek Crater

Caravan park wolfe-creek-crater

This is your chance to camp next to the world's second-largest meteorite crater. Beyond that, you can climb to the top of the said crater and see wildlife on the walks available all over the national park. You will find campsites with toilets are available for free. There's no need to book ahead, but you will want to stock up on water. Fires and barbecues are not allowed, and you won't find showers or much of anything else. It's beautiful, though, and well worth the stop off.


Free Caravan Parks South Australia

Burra Creek Gorge

Caravan park burra-creek

If comfort is on your mind, this is one of the best free camps to consider. First of all, it's a great launchpad for hikers, set alongside the World's End Gorge. There are plenty of walks in the area. Though the surrounding area is bushland, you will find pit toilets, shade, picnic tables, and you can bring your own firewood for a fire. It's a busy place, so you’ll want to get in early to get a great camping spot.


Murtho Forest

Caravan park murtho-forest

 There's a lot to love about Murtho Forest Landing. It's a quick drive to Paringa if you want to visit the vineyards. There's fishing spots, incredible views, and wildlife to watch out for. It's a completely off-the-grid, quiet camping spot so, don't expect water, toilets, or mobile reception. Having said that, there is a nearby swimming centre that offers drinking water and water in the car park so you can fill up.


Cape Northumberland

Caravan park cape-northumberland

 Set along a stunning coastline, Cape Northumberland campsite is located just outside the town of Port MacDonnell. There are no facilities at the site itself. However, you can find toilets, potable water, and barbecue facilities nearby. You're allowed a free 24-hour stay, and there's mobile phone coverage too.


Bunda Cliffs

Caravan park Bunda-cliffs

With three lookouts, Bunda Cliffs offer three different campsites. All three are free, but none offer any facilities. All lookout sites are best suited for fully self-sufficient campers and offer nearby walks and whale watching, too. Don’t forget to bring your camera along, the views are well worth it.


Free Caravan Parks Victoria

Snowy River Rest Area

Caravan park snowy-river

There are actually several different campsites in this area sandwiched between Marlo and Orbost. If you want access to attractions, your best bet is to park up at the eastern shoreline. If you're looking for a quiet stay, then the western shore is the ideal spot. There are no facilities, and you're allowed only 48 hours to stay, but in that time, you can build a fire, enjoy a picnic area, and have mobile reception as well.

Christies Beach Camping

Caravan park Christies-beach

This spacious camping spot sits on the Murray River, which means you can swim, canoe, fish, and kayak. It's a shady area, surrounded by tall trees, and there is a small beach as well. It's close to Echuca, which makes it a popular spot. Though there is no need to book, you should arrive early in the warm months as it's busy. You will find pit toilets, but there is no water.

Blue Pool

Caravan park  Blue-pool

The Blue Pool campsite is located in Briagolong State Forest, and it's a great spot for hikers. There are toilets, a swimming hole with a cliff jump, a rope swing, and leisure facilities. It's these offerings that make it such a popular summer spot, so be sure to arrive early. Free camping spots that are this stunning are few and far between.

Stevensons Falls

Caravan park Stevenson-falls

With kangaroos a common site, Stevensons Falls is an exciting spot by the Gellibrand River. There are 50 (unpowered) sites to choose from, and many are shaded by tall trees (including some fruit trees). You'll find pit toilets, fire pits, and barbecues if you have the wood. No bookings are required, but it's only half an hour from Apollo Bay so, it fills up fast.


Free Caravan Parks Tasmania

Lagoons Beach

Caravan park Lagoon-beach

Swimming, fishing, fire pits, phone reception, toilet facilities, and mobile reception make this a popular spot. It sits right on the beach, and it's easy to find and get to so, arrive early to avoid disappointment. It's particularly busy when the schools are on holidays, so be prepared!

Swimcart Beach

Caravan park swimcart-beach

Found in Binalong Bay in the Bay of Fires Conservation Area, Swimcart Beach is right next to the water. It brags plenty of free campsites directly on the beach. You're free to stay up to 28 nights, but the only facilities are basic toilets. Still, with swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, and more, there is plenty of leisure activities to fill your time. If Swimcart doesn't tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other options in the Bay of Fires Conservation Area.


Caravan park oatlands-

You're allowed to stay a maximum of three nights, and while it's free, they do ask for a small donation. The nearby town is a historic one and is best known for its refurbished flour mill, originally erected in the early 1800s. Oatlands also has the largest collection (87) of sandstone buildings in Australia, located along the main street. There is water and public toilets nearby, with a shower available at the swimming pool for a small fee.


Free Caravan Parks Northern Territory

Curtin Springs

Caravan park cutin-springs-1

Curtin Springs is an hour drive from Uluru and if you're heading to the area to enjoy Red Centre attractions it makes a great pitstop. There is water and toilets are available, it's free to camp on an unpowered site. There are powered sites available for those willing to pay. Additionally, there are showers for a price. So, you have options! You can bring your own firewood for use in permitted areas.

Two Mile Hole

Caravan park two-mile-hole

As far as free camping goes, Two Mile Hole is a cracker. At the site, there is a sweet fishing spot, though there is no boat ramp to shove off from. It's a popular spot for locals, but because it doesn't get much other traffic, it's a great place to use as your base to explore Kakadu National Park. There are fire rings, but there are also crocs about so beware. While there are no facilities at the camp, Jabiru is an hour drive, and there you'll find loads of amenities, including fuel, a restaurant, a bar, and a general store.

Little River

Caravan park Little-river-1

Little River Rest Area is just 10km from Cape Crawford on the Carpentaria Highway and offers both colourful birdlife and incredible views. You won't find facilities here; it's a remote free camping spot that epitomises the great outdoors. While you're stopping, you will want to check out the rock formations and waterfalls in Cape Crawford. There's plenty to explore!

Djunda (Red Lily Billabong)

Caravan park red-lily

There's no swimming here as crocs are about, but you can do a spot of fishing. This small campsite is a quiet spot, and it's a bit of an off-road trek if you're up for an adventure. It's the perfect spot for proper relaxation, and you'll need to come prepared as there are no facilities to speak of. You can bring firewood, though, as fires as permitted.

Next Steps 

Now that you have learned about the different free caravan parks options in Australia, you might be thinking about renting or buying a caravan. Getting a used caravan is an excellent option if you are on budget but as there are countless options available out there the process of finding one can be as exciting as daunting.

This is why we have created a whole guide about what to look for when buying a used caravan. The guide comes with a checklist to make the buying process even easier. Hope it helps you! 

buying a used caravan checklist


Now, all that's left for you to do is plan your trip and hit the road. If you are looking to finance a new or used caravan contact us and we will be happy to assist you through the whole process.

Happy caravanning!

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