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Why Zink Software Is Useful to Offer Big Ticket Financing?

by Chris Hopkins, on Sep 9, 2020 2:01:32 PM



An Australian-first technology is helping businesses and retailers offer customers fast, easy point of sale financing for big ticket purchases such as cars, swimming pools, kitchens and other home renovations.

Not too long ago both offering finance as a business and applying for finance as a consumer was a real headache. but with technology things have gotten a whole lot easier.

We’ve all seen the rapid rise of After Pay style lenders who offer fast, point of sale finance approval for items up to $2000, but now Australian FinTech innovator Ausloans is leading the charge into fast, easy, big ticket financing with their Zink financing solution.

Zink, a version of ‘buy now, pay later’ for big ticket items allows businesses to offer fast, point of sale financing for items between 5 -75k.

Designed to remove the pain of traditional big-ticket financing, Zink for Business is a 100% free, no fee, customer financing solution that makes it easy for businesses to offer finance and easy for customers to apply and qualify for finance.

For customers, Zink delivers the convenience of a fast, paperless, ZERO CREDIT FILE IMPACT, point of sale finance solution. With Zink’s access to one of the biggest lender pools in the country, finding the right lender for your customers has never been easier.

With just some basic information and a copy of the customers drivers’ licence, Zink delivers a rapid traffic light assessment of the customer’s credit capabilities, informs how much a customer can borrow and instantly matches them with the best FUNDERS and deals to suit their personal circumstances. Green means go, orange needs further investigation and red means the customer needs some credit repair before the loan can proceed.

In most cases the entire loan process from online application through qualification to approval can take as little as 10 minutes.

This makes Zink an ideal solution for a wide range of businesses including dealerships, big ticket retailers , and home improvements businesses like swimming pool and landscaping and extension and renovation contractors to name a few.

How does Zink for Business work?


When a business partners with Ausloans, they are provided with a bespoke co-branded “Zink” finance application website, partnered with a professional broker to help package financed offers into affordable weekly or monthly payment plans and given all the tools needed to start packaging and promoting financed solutions. 

Whether online, in-store or on the road with Zink and Ausloans promotional resources businesses can promote and offer customers finance anywhere, any time. Businesses simply direct customers to apply through their Zink website and Zinks automation takes care of the rest.


According to Ausloans Managing Director Rodney Michail Zink’s advanced lender matching systems and large lender pool are a gamechanger. “Businesses on average close 40% more financed deals with Zink” said Mr Michail.

Finally, when customer finance is approved and signed off, the full purchase amount is transferred directly to the businesses account. No merchant fees.

So, what do customers think of financing their big-ticket purchases through Zink?

Throughout the entire loan process, from application, to approval and sign off Zink keeps customers informed via SMS, resulting in a great customer experience that is proven to help businesses drive both repeat business and referral customer sales.

What customers say about applying for finance using Zink.

Zink-cutomer-experience-reviewsWith a Net Promoter Score of 81% Ausloans Zink customers are promoters. What would a fast, easy finance solution for your big ticket items and 8 out of 10 customers recommending your business do for your sales?

Ready to get started.

Offering finance has never been easier and we can have you up and running within thne next 24 hours.

Simply click the banner below to register now.

zink customer financing solutions for business

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