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Ausloans Bunbury WA - Ausloans Finance Expands into Southwest WA

by Piera Rossi, on Apr 30, 2021 9:59:51 AM

Adam Fisher is not afraid to aim high on his crusade with Ausloans in WA. "We are expecting to grow 500% by 2025", he says with confidence. Led by Adam, Ausloans Bunbury started operations in June of 2020 and is looking to revolutionise how dealerships, retailers and home improvement companies offer finance in WA.


"Zink (software) is a winner", says Adam. "The simplicity of applying for a loan on your desktop or remotely on a mobile phone and getting an immediate answer is a game-changer for brokers and consumers". 

With Zink; Ausloans multi-award-winning platform, businesses can offer a fast and easy point of sale finance solution for big-ticket sales without impacting the clients' credit score.

With just a copy of the customer drivers' license, Zink matches customers with the best finance product from a pool of more than 40 lenders, taking as little as 10 minutes from the online application to pre-approval.

Ausloans Bunbury WA asset finance brokers


More than 15 businesses in WA have partnered with Ausloans Bunbury to offer free access to credit at the point of sale.

Offering the option of paying in weekly or fortnightly instalments at the point of sale can be a powerful business-generating tool for companies of all sizes", explains Fisher.

The truth is, consumer convenience has become a competitive advantage for businesses nowadays, and Ausloans' Zink solution is all about that. "Businesses and consumers like things to be fast and simple these days. When a business partners with us, it only needs the clients to upload their driver's license or complete a quick form with only a few personal details. Once that's done, we can assess the client's eligibility and loan offers available in minutes. If we get the green light, we proceed with the application while the business gets deposited the total loan amount. Easy. Fast easy finance" – He smiles.

Additionally, a Forrester Research study found that companies that implemented an online POS financing option experienced a 32 percent increase in sales and an average increase in "order value" of 75%. "With Zink platform, finance is done and dusted very quick", Adam explains.  

By partnering with Ausloans, businesses also gain free access to a digital marketing hub with website and social media digital assets and an in-store marketing materials shop, where they can easily customise and print posters and other signage to advertise their finance offers to customers.

From the mines to finance | Adam Fisher's mission in WA

Before becoming an asset broker, Adam Fisher sold houses, spent 20 years in the oil and gas industry, and managed a construction manufacturer company's health & safety department until he decided it was time to throw the dice himself.

 "I thought it was time to start doing things for myself, and then the only person that is responsible for anything is myself. Whenever I do any job, role, business, I always give a 100%, and I saw that at Ausloans, everybody is on the same boat."  

Adam is the best example of how dramatically the brokerage space has changed in the last few years. Before technology disrupted the finance industry, the senior brokers' tacit knowledge and lender experience were the driving force behind expedient lending outcomes and excellent customer service. 

However, there are so many lenders and variables in today's finance marketplace that even the most knowledgeable and experienced broker can't cope with the lender variable overload, and technology has come to bridge and supplement the knowledge and experience gap.

Within the asset finance lender market alone, there are over 900 variables to consider when customer lender matching. If we add variables across personal loans and commercial finance, the number quickly increases to over 3000 variables. Which, yes, is indeed an impossible task for the human brain.

But that is the beauty of Zink; it assesses a customer finance profile across more than 1000 variables. As a broker, it empowers you with huge productivity and efficiency. Isn't it beautiful?" 

"I don't think the training will ever end", admits Adam, "We need to make sure that we understand the law and comply with it, and Ausloans training program has been a great support for that." 

About Ausloans Bunbury WA

Ausloans Bunbury services the southwest region of Western Australia between Bunbury, Albany and Esperance. Its offer can suit consumers and businesses from various industries like; auto, marine, leisure, home improvement, and agriculture. 

If you are in the West and would like to increase sales by offering finance or know more about providing POS finance, please, contact Adam by clicking here.

Ausloans Bunbury WA consumer finance for business

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